Mark Miller

Mark Miller is founder and editor of, one of the world’s most popular sites for SharePoint End Users. He coordinates a group of a dozen contributing authors, managing the day-to-day aspects of editing and publishing content for the site. Under Mark’s leadership receives up to 23,000 unique page views a day, has a Weekly Newsletter subscription base of over 6000 readers and handles hundreds of questions weekly through the Stump the Panel: SharePoint Q&A Forum. The site also provides twice weekly live online workshops for all three levels of SharePoint End Users; Information Worker, Power User/Site Admin, Site Collection Admin. When not teaching or writing about SharePoint, Mark can be found designing paper airplanes and studying the origami of Robert Lang. He lives in New York City with his wife, two children, one gerbil, one goldfish and one Nintendo DS that is constantly being fought over by the gerbil and the goldfish.
Twitter: @EUSP