Paul Galvin

I have been working professionally in the IT consulting world since 1991 but started off with the Timex Sinclair 1000 somewhere around the age of 10, learning to program its peculiar form of BASIC. In my “previous life” (before Microsoft) I worked with Progress technology products (e.g. 4GL, WebSpeed) using them to create a development toolset called eFramework, a B2B product, a B2C product, a CRM and ERP integration product and dozens of custom solutions for our customers. We built many great things with EFW and it’s still in use today. I made the switch to Microsoft technology by diving into BizTalk Server 2004 (I’m told that I was lucky to miss 2002) and was amazed and excited by the improvements in 2006. I thought my career providing integration solutions with BizTalk would never end. That abruptly changed when I went to work at Conchango the first business day of 2007. I was placed into the collaboration group which uses SharePoint to deliver business solutions and I haven’t looked back since (well, maybe once). I am first and foremost a solutions architect. SharePoint, as all the business and technical world has learned, is a great platform for creating business solutions. Its horizontal nature leads to many other exciting opportunities for systems management, integration, BPI and more. It’s a solution architect’s dream platform. I live in northern Bergen County, NJ, just a few miles west of Manhattan with my wife and son.