Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

Mold Remediation

One of the most significant problems a homeowner can face is the growth of mold. Depending on the kind, your family may need to move out for a while until a mold remediation contractor can perform a mold clean up and make sure no more is growing. In that case, mold removal is essential for your family’s safety. There are just a few reasons to check your home out for mold and how you can prevent it from continuing to grow in your home. It grows quickly and easily and if not caught quickly mold removal can be expensive.

How You Can Prevent Mold Growth

If pipes break or leak and cause water damage indoors, it is essential you act quickly to clean this up. If a spill or leak is dried up within 24-48 hours, there is far less chance of mold growing. The problem is moisture is the leading cause of mold growth. Black mold likes damp, dark places. If you can stop the moisture immediately, then you can prevent the growth of the mold. By doing so you can prevent the need for mold remediation.

Keep Rain Gutters Clean

Always check your gutters regularly and clean them. If repairs are needed, don’t neglect them. This is a spot that mold growth can start at and spread. Cleaning the gutters and making repairs can help make sure that no mold growth occurs. While checking the gutters that come down the sides of your house, check the foundation. Make sure the ground slopes away from your home so that water isn’t collecting around your foundation. Mold will grow there if the moisture sits and sits, causing more problems since it will be on the foundation and possibly up the siding.

Air Condition Units

If you have air conditioning in the windows of your home, make sure to keep the drip pans clean. Any drain lines should be unobstructed so the flow stays the way it should keep mold from growing in those places. On the inside of your house, you should make sure that the humidity is low so that way mold won’t find itself growing in your house. Keeping it below 60% can help reduce the risk of mold growing. Hardware restoration stores carry humidity meters so you can measure the relative humidity in your house so you can check it. Condensation forming on windows, walls, or pipes can be home to mold growth. Dry the surface and start to make sure to reduce the moisture.

Reduce Humidity

You can prevent the humidity from getting high in your home a few different ways. Make sure appliances that produce condensation have a vent. Clothes dryers are a significant source of this and so making sure they are correctly vented can help reduce the moisture in your home and significantly reduce the risk of mold. Using de-humidifiers when needed can help lessen the humidity in your home along with air conditioners. If you’re showering, open a window or turn the vent on in the bathroom. Bathrooms build condensation easily in which mold can multiply. In turn, condensation can be reduced by lowering the humidity in the home, increased ventilation when practical, covering cold surfaces with insulation and increasing the air temperature. If something visibly appears off, then it is more than likely mold, and no sampling will be needed. Sampling is used to determine if the area has been cleaned adequately.