Replace or Restore the Old Metal Roof

Replace or Restore the Old Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Restoration

Your metal roof is a vital element to your property and often wear and tear, wild weather conditions, accidents and most of all, aging results in need for a roof restoration or total roof replacement. It is vital you repair leaking roofs as soon as possible to avoid more severe and costly damages. Expert metal roofing repair contractors can get there quickly to advise you on the best action to take to restore your metal roof as soon as possible and lower costs.

Replacement or Metal Roof Repair

A competent Houston commercial roofing contractor in will recommend a roof replacement only if they see there is too much damage for roof restoration. Your roofing contractor should understand the enormity of a roof replacement – to you, your business, your employees, and your wallet – so they should offer you all available alternatives.


Sometimes a full roof replacement is unavoidable, especially when an old metal roof has severe damage due to wild weather, wear and tear and time. A roof replacement will not only look great and refresh your property will also add additional value. You’ll want your roofing contractor to use the highest quality products so the new roof has an extended service life and you avoid the need for an early roof replacement.

Cool Roof Technology

Metal Roof Restoration

Pressure wash the entire roof surface with a minimum of 4,000 pounds per square inch(psi). Neutralize the rust already present with a phosphate wash. Apply rust inhibitor/primer to the surface of the roof at a rate of one-half gallon per 100 square foot. Seal all bolts, seams, and protrusions with a urethane-acrylic flashing material. Spray apply this seamless, rust proofed base with elastomeric top-coat. There are several colors available for use, although the most recommended is the white top-coat because of its higher reflection rate. Manufacturers vary on the amount of top-coat. Ten and Twenty-year warranties are available.

Proper Ventilation is Important

Your roofer should always ask to see your attic space to verify and measure existing ventilation openings. They’ll need to diagnose potential problems and endeavor to educate you, the business owner, explain exactly your roofing requirements and include it all in your written estimate. You’ll need to make sure they address proper ventilation to ensure your roofing warranties are enforceable.